Dream Girl

“Are you seriously gonna eat that?” Princess looked at Dream with disgust.

Dream, who had consumed too many cocktails was placing a huge bowl of rice into the microwave, and ignoring Princess.

“You’re on a diet, and it’s 1 in the morning.” Princess tried to remind her. “We have a photo shoot on Friday.”

“I know I saw mashed potatoes.” Dream said as she ignored Princess, and sorted through the food in the refrigerator. Her beautiful body swayed back and forth as she hummed excitedly looking at all of the delicious choices.

Princess looked down at her phone. She had a few new notifications.

Arch: When we gonna link?

She rolled her eyes, and went to the next message.

James: What’s up Big head?

She sent him a hand wave emoji, and went to the next notification.

“Did you know any of the birthday girls?”

Princess looked up at Dream who was devouring a fajita that had enough meat for three soft shells wrapped in one. She slowly sucked each one of her sauce filled fingers as if she had never tasted sauce so good.

“Huh?” Princess asked. “What birthday girls?”

Dream rolled her eyes, and exhaled loudly to let Princess know that she was frustrated. “Never mind. That means you wasn’t.”

“What?” Princess began to laugh loudly. “That should be your last drink.”

Dream waved her off, and stuffed the last bite of the fajita in her mouth.

A new notification popped up on her phone.

email from monicamonroe: Hello Princess. Thanks for your email. I am interested in speaking with you. How’s tomorrow afternoon?

Princess had been looking forward to this email. Monica was one of the hottest people in Philly right now. Her clothes were being worn by just about everyone who was anyone in the city, and Princess liked the way she branded herself. She wanted to know more about her, and how they could work together.

Princess responded right away.

princessthemaven: Hi Monica. Tomorrow afternoon works for me. Just let me know the time and meeting place.

monicamonroe: Let’s do The Corner Bakery on City ave at 1pm.

princessthemaven: See you then!

A wide smile spread across her face. She was excited for what the meeting could bring.

“That lady emailed me back.” She said to Dream.

Dream danced in her seat with excitement. “I knew we’d get the building.”

Princess side eyed Dream real hard.

“Good night Dream.” She said as she poured the remaining alcohol in the sink and walked out of the kitchen.